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Online Chemistry Test

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Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy At-home Test 


Respond to the following question by email before midnight tonight 25 Nov, 2003.  Read all of the following instructions before beginning your essay. 


Now that you have accessed the test, you are on your honor not to refer to your notes, textbook, or other materials until you have emailed your response.  You are also on your honor to complete your response and email it to me within 2 hours.  Email to .


Write your essay as a Word Document, on Word Pad, or simply compose your answer as an email.  Compose your answer as if you are trying to explain all of the above to a high school student who is taking Honor's Chemistry for the first time. 


Now that you know how to respond, here is what you should respond to:

Write an essay on what the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy is, the history of our understanding of it, and explain what applications it has in chemistry. 

At home tests will be posted on this page only for the day it is supposed to be taken, and usually that means that it will be posted from the close of school for that day until minight that same day.
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