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What is an art video?
Electronic Photo and Video Communications


An art video is almost any video other than an documentary video.  While a dodumentary video deals in facts; an art video deals in opinion, emotion, fiction, music and other things.  Movies (other than documentaries) are art videos.  Music videos are art videos.  Most TV commericals are art videos.   

Story Boards:

A story board is kind of like a comic book that gives the reader an good idea of what a film or video will look like.  Prior to shooting an art video for this class, the student or students who are working on an art video must first submit their idea.  If the idea is approved, then they must begin a storyboard ad submit a 1st draft.  If that 1st draft is approved, a final draft of the storyboard must be completed, submitted, and approved before production can begin.
 For this class, a storyboard should show
  1. what action is supposed to take place;
  2. how that action will be videotaped (the camera work);
  3. what the scene will look like;
  4. what narration, monologue, or dialgue will be heard;
  5. who will be speaking that narration, monologue, or dialogue;
  6. whether the person or persons speaking will be seen and from what angle;
  7. what camera angles will be used, what kind of lighting will be used; and
  8. what special equipment will be needed.

..and there may be other things that will be required once the student has submitted a first draft and the instructor can see what the student is trying to accomplish.

For an example of what a story board is and what it looks like, check out these links:

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