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Electronic Photo and Video Communications

On this set of web pages you will find information, helps, and notes that will help a student succeed in the Electronic Photo and Video Communications class.

At the top you will find links to pages within this site listed under various subjects. 

Here are some helpful links to sites outside this one:
A downloadable sound recorder called Audacity.  If you need to change part of your narration (the VO), and if you have a microphone at home, you can record your narration on your computer and save it onto a disk and bring it in that way. If the file is too big, you may to record the narration in parts and save it on more than one 3.5" disk, save it to a jump drive, or save it to your hard drive and copy to a CD and bring it in that way. The way you do that is to download a program called, "Audacity." Record your audio and click File and export the sound file as a WAV. The location for downloading is:
If you have additional questions about this site or the content of this site, please contact the class instructor, Ray Tedder, at Dorman High School.  The telephone number is (864)582-4347 Extention 1215.