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How to study less and get more out of it!
Chemistry Materials from Ray Tedder

Many students try to take shortcuts when studying, but it turns out that those shortcuts are far less efficient.  In other words, the "shortcuts" turn out to be just the opposite--they're really the longer and harder way to study!

A CP or Honors chemistry course in high school is designed to prepare you for college and then a career.  To be successful in college, you must be able to study effectively, but many high school students have never learned to study this way.  Ray Tedder's chemistry courses have been designed to help students build the kind of study skills needed for college success.  Check the link below to see what kind of study skills are needed in college:

There are lots of other websites that also offer tips on successful study skills at both the high school and college level.  You will NOT be expected to study and learn at a college level.  However, you will be expected to study and learn at a level that high school students can reasonably attain, but it is quite possible that you have never been required to study at that level.  For many students, this kind of studying will seem unecessary.  Many will complain that too much is being asked of them.  Let me assure you that neither is true.  If you don't start building such study skills now, you will be in the fix that is described in the website linked above.  Learning to study effectively is like learning to so anything well.  You cannot drive a car without practice, nor can you skate, sing well enough to make into the chamber chorus, or almost anything else that you can think of.  It is also possible to practice something a lot, but practice doing it the wrong way, and still not be a good driver, skater, or singer.  Up to now, it is quite possible that you have been practicing how to study the wrong way (go to the website above to see what I mean).  One of our goals in this class is for you to learn to be an effective studier.  It will also make you a more effective student in ANY subject--including chemistry! 

If you have questions about the materials on this page, please contact Ray Tedder at .