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Mole Day, Faux Mole Day, and Mole Videos
Chemistry Materials from Ray Tedder

Mole Video Due Dates and Requirements

Videos are due on the 17th.  By that time, they must be edited and ready for inclusion on a DVD.  Students who do not have videos ready by the time will receive a grade of zero.  This assignment was made 6 weeks ago, and I have repeatedly made it clear that students needed to get started on it early.  You will be give some class time to edit this video, but this is a homework assignment, so class time will not be given in order to shoot the video.  Students who need to use a video camera may use one of the schools video cameras, but they cannot take them home.  Students are required to produce a story board and script and have them approved before they start shooting.

All videos must include the following information:
1) what the mole is,
2) why the mole is important to chemists and especially in the area of chemistry known as stoicheometry,
3) the mathematical relationship between the mole and the number or particles
(Ex: 1 mole = x particles),
4) the mathematical relationship between the mole and the mass of an element or an compound (Ex: 1 mole = x g of an element or a compound),
5) the mathematical relationship between the mole and the volume of a gas (Ex: 1 mole = x L of a gas),and
5a) the conditions required for the mole/gas relationship to work. 

All but #5 have been taught to you in class and were part of previous study assignments.  You are required to research to find #5 and #5a for yourself.  They are in your textbook and on the internet.  You have been encouraged repeatedly to put together the information and bring it to me well in advance and I would help you if your information was not correct.  I am not saying that I will give you the correct information, but I will tell you if your information is wrong so that you can go and continue your research.  I may even give you hints IF I feel that it is appropriate (but this should in no way be considered a promise that hints will be given).

The video project is now due in 12 days.  On Monday in class I will be making the required Mole Video information a homework assignment that will be due on Wednesday.  Just to be clear, the video is NOT due on Wednesday.  The script is NOT due on Wednesday.  The story board is NOT due on Wednesday.  What is due on Wednesday is the information from numbers 1 through 5a above.  You may still do research and bring what you think is the correct information and I will guide you as I feel is appropriate up until Wednesday morning.  No more help will be given on Wednesday morning until after the assignment has been turned in for a grade.

Further, a copy of your scripts and storyboards will be due on Friday for a grade.  PLEASE, do NOT turn in your originals.  You will need these to work on your video.  Turn in a copy of your script and story board.

Many students are well on their way to completing their video projects.  I have become concerned that others have put this off until the last minute.  I am concerned that if I do not implement these additional deadlines that some will procrastinate until it will be extremely difficult to make a passing grade and absolutely too late to make a good grade.  This project is worth a lot of points on your grade, much more than the 1st video.  As I have said many times, the earlier you start, the better your grade will likely be.  Planning, planning, planning is
the key.  

Good luck!  I'm looking forward to seeing some Oscar-winning projects!

OK: For those who did not check their required information with me* before turning in their homework, here is the required information:


1) The mole is the unit of measurement that the international scientific community has agreed to use as the way to measure the amount of a substance.

2) The mole is important to chemistry because it makes conversions to and from different units of measurement easier.  Using the mole chemists can easily convert between measurements like grams, volumes of a gas, and atomic or molecular particles.  This makes the math the area of chemistry called stoicheometry easier.

3) One mole is equal to 6.02 1023 particles (such as atoms and molecules).

4) One mole is equal to the sum of all the atomic masses in one molecular or formula unit of a substance if the unit of measurement for those atomic masses is changed from an amu (atomic mass units) to g (grams). 

5) One mole is equal to 22.4 liters of a gas, so long as the gas is at a temperature of 0.00C and at a pressure of 1.00 atmosphere.


*Students were invited to check their answers with me in advance and if they were off the mark on any point, I explained that I would give them some help in getting the answers right.  In short, i said that I'd help them make an A.

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