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My Resume
Chemistry Materials from Ray Tedder

Alan Ray Tedder

Paul M. Dorman High School

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To prepare young people for success.  This means to prepare them for short term success by giving them the knowledge and skills is succeed in future classes in high school, and in college or tech school.  This also means to equip them with skills that will give them the best opportunity to be successful in their world beyond school.   


Bachaelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Chemistry - University of South Carolina at Spartanburg - renamed "University of South Carolina Upstate" in 2004 (May 1999)

Master of Education Degree in Gifted Education - Converse College (July 2003)

Professional Experience:

Chemistry teacher and Photography and Videography teacher - Dorman High School (August 1999 to Present)

Science instructor for Gear Up Camp - University of South Carolina at Spartanburg (May 1999 to Present)

Materials used in Mr. Tedder's Chemistry Classes.